Taster courses

The following organisations can offer students an insight into what it's like to study chemical engineering at university:


Headstart is a well-established UK summer school programme. It aims to:

  • Give students the opportunity to learn more about degrees that lead to jobs in technology-based industries
  • Allow those taking maths and/or science to spend up to a week at university before making UCAS applications

To be eligible you should be 16/17 years of age in Year 12 or Scottish Year 5, interested in maths and science and looking forward to university entrance.

Engineering broad based courses at universities all over the UK give an overview of different engineering disciplines (including chemical engineering).

To apply or to find out more please visit www.etrust.org.uk/headstart

Inspire Year 11 Girls - Study Skill Courses

Are you a Year 11/Scottish S4 girl who wants to learn new skills and get ahead in the sixth form - and beyond? If you love science, technology, engineering and maths check out the Inspire courses here

The Smallpeice Trust

The Smallpeice Trust are an independent charity providing exciting programmes to promote engineering careers to young people.

They run 4-day residential courses at universities helping students persue their interest in engineering by exploring specific areas and placing them alongside real engineers, professionals and technical specialists.

Download an application form or apply online at www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk

The Dr Bessie Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI)

ISSI is a unique opportunity for Year 13 students to spend a month working as part of a research team alongside leading scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science. As well as getting a chance to conduct real scientific experiments, students produce reports and present their findings to their peers before spending a week in a field school where they experience the diverse ecosystems, wildlife and archaeology of the region.

Outside of lab time, students get the opportunity to visit different parts of the region including Jerusalem and the North of Israel whilst forging lifelong friendships with over 80 like-minded participants.

Each year Weizmann UK has ten scholarship funded places for UK students. (However students will need to contribute towards flights and insurance). To find out more visit their website.

The Caribbean Science Foundation's SPISE program

SPISE (Students Program for Innovation, Science and Engineering) is a four-week intensive program for students of Caribbean heritage to simulate the experience of attending some of the top universities in the world. Led by Professor Cardinal Warde, professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, USA, SPISE aims to encourage students to stay in STEM careers and boost the technology sector in the Caribbean.

Applicants must be of Caribbean descent; be aged between 16 and 18; have completed GCSEs or equivalent in maths and science subjects and have a valid passport at the time of their application.

All costs including travel will be met by the Caribbean Science Foundation. For more information about SPISE and how to apply please visit their website.